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The Voodoo Baron

The Voodoo Baron, New Orleans, March 2012

Shot on the notorious Burbon Street, evocative of scenes from the James Bond movie “Live and Let Die“…


Longshan Temple

Longshan Temple, Taipei, Taiwan, July 2011.



The Fortune Telling

The Fortune Telling – New Orleans, March 2012


Dead End

Dead End – Ward 9, New Orleans, March 2012.


Legacy of War

Legacy of War – Sarajevo, January, 2012


Coiled Concrete

Coiled Concrete – The Kaufman Center, Kansas City.



Taroko Gorge

Taroko Gorge, Taiwan, July 2011.



Selling Chickens


Selling Chickens – Taipei, July 2011.

The Storekeeper

The Storekeeper – Taipei, July 2011.